It was October 2010 that a couple of good friends that had already made music together in the past decided to form a proper band.
With Jelle Hamstra behind the drum kit, Janneke Smids on keys, Siegfried Kramer on lead guitar, Paulus Kramer on bass and Harm-Jan Broekema as vocalist the band was already nearly complete.
Soon after Jeroen Bosma joined the band to play rhythm guitar and they were good to go.

The band was christened Insidiae which is a Latin word meaning ambush or treachery.
The word Insidiae is technically a plural form which has no singular.
Though when translated it does refer to a singular concept and in that way it relates to being in a band. It takes multiple people to form a band that is itself one entity.

A genre or style of music was never really stipulated but grew in a natural way with each song that was written. Resulting in the sound that now defines Insidiae.
Dynamic, heavy as well as melodic, with a strong groove and a progressive edge.
The songs themselves are what's important and as long as they have an interesting progression
and their components do not feel pieced together; almost anything goes.
When it comes to lyrical content the band tends to focus itself on the darker side of the human psyche.

In a little over a year Insidiae was already fortunate enough to open for big international acts such as Sonic Syndicate and Blaze Bayley as well as well known national bands like Autumn and God Dethroned.
Meanwhile the recording of some demo tracks led to joining a collective of progressive metal bands called “Layered Reality”.
The band was also part of a compilation album, released only on Vinyl, that went by the name of “Frisian Metal Massacre Volume 1” alongside the befriended local acts; Leaper's Path, Dimaeon and Disintegrate.

This project in itself led to multiple new initiatives.
Tamme Oosterhof, the man behind this compilation, started his own record label called Big Bad Wolf Records and in April 2012 Insidiae was the first act to be signed to this label.
While members of Insidiae and Dimaeon started their own organisation called “Metalization” in order to organise gigs and other activities to help upcoming metal bands and musicians.

In it's relatively short existence there have also been some negative developments for Insidiae however. Chief among those being the long term illness of the band's singer as well as multiple line-up changes. Jeroen Nauta took the place of Jeroen Bosma on rhythm guitar at the end of December 2011. And Jean-Luc Nealon replaced Paulus Kramer on bass guitar when he decided to quit the band early March 2012.

All the while the work on the first album titled “Were Demons Dare” was continuing furiously and it is currently set for a release in the summer of 2012.
This will mark the dawn of the new Insidiae that is now ready to rock as many venues as possible in order to earn it's rightful place in the metal scene!


Jelle Hamstra - Drums
Harm-Jan Broekema - Vocals
Jeroen Nauta - Guitar
Siegfried Kramer - Guitar
Janneke Smids - Synths
Jean-Luc Nealon - Bass