maandag 21 mei 2012

Insidiae’s album “Where Demons Dare” is finished!

Great news from the Insidiae camp as the announced debut entitled "Where Demons Dare" is now officially produced and recorded!
The album is now on its way for pressing and the release is expected to be around the summer of 2012.
The Earlier mentioned release-date of June 2012 had to be postponed due to production issues.
An exact release-date will follow in the coming months.

The final tracklist for the album is:

1: March into Hell
2: Mercenary: Lock & Load
3: I Won't Be Buried With You
4: Folie à Plusieurs
5: All For None
6: Skinnerbox
7: Major Arcana
8: Through The Eyes Of The Blind
9: Negation Delirium
10: Where Demons Dare

The band also said recently that more music has already been written and that they are very eager to take the stage this year to promote the album. More information about this debut release from Insidiae will follow once it is available.