zaterdag 31 maart 2012

New bassplayer!

We like to announce, that we found a new bass player! His name is Jean-Luc Nealon. With him on board, Insidiae is ready for the upcoming gigs!

On 25th of May 2012, Jean-Luc wil make his first appearance on stage with Insidiae in Groningen! Hell Yeah!!

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Insidiae announces debut album title + tracklist!

It was silent for a while, but finally the guys and gal at Insidiae have unleashed big news into the world!
The band Insidiae has been working hard on their debut album and finally more details about this release have been unveiled. The title for the album is going to be Where Demons Dare. The playlist for the album is as follows:
1: Mercenary
2: I Won’t Be Buried With You
3: Folie à Plusieurs
4: All For None
5: Skinnerbox
6: Major Arcana
7: Through The Eyes Of The Blind
8: Negation Delirium
9: Where Demons Dare
The album was mostly recorded and mixed by the band themselves. Vocals were recorded at The Imagineering Suite, Amersfoort.
The record will be holding combination of groove-laden, heavy material (i.e. Mercenary & Folie à Plusieurs) but also experimental moments are included such as Negation Delirium and All For None. The older songs SkinnerboxMajor Arcana and Through The Eyes Of The Blind have gotten something of an overhaul. These new versions will be very different and give a new insight into the musical workings and nuances of Insidiae.
The releasedate for Where Demons Dare is planned for June 2012.